Creating Commands using Fireworks MX and Flash MX

fw_command_50x50Now that designers and developers can create interactive commands for Fireworks MX—with the help of new features in Flash MX—extensibility is about to become the hot topic in the Fireworks community. Fireworks MX already installs with several new work-saving commands, such as Align and the Data-Driven Graphics Wizard, but these are only the beginning.

Don’t miss out on the extensibility excitement as Fireworks users of every skill level begin to share with the world their cool tricks and step-saving scripts. Many of these future commands will be able to receive specific settings and design requirements. In this tutorial, Steven Grosvenor (creator of the new Twist and Fade command) shows you how to plan, design and create (in Macromedia Flash MX) these user-input Fireworks MX commands.


View the tutorial here