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April 15, 2007

Selective Lock v1.0 for Adobe Flash CS3

Selective Layer Locker will quickly every other layer on the timeline apart from the one that you select, allowing you to quickly and easily select elements on your target layer without the chance for picking up elements from other layers

April 15, 2007

Twist and Fade 2004 v1.0 for Adobe Fireworks CS3

A major revision to the original Twist and Fade MX that shipped with Fireworks MX and Fireworks MX 2004

June 16, 2002

Creating Commands using Fireworks MX and Flash MX

Now that designers and developers can create interactive commands for Fireworks MX—with the help of new features in Flash MX—extensibility is about to become the hot topic in the Fireworks community. Fireworks MX already installs with several new work-saving commands, such as Align and the Data-Driven Graphics Wizard, but these are only the beginning. Read more [...]