June 15, 2004

Ambient Environmental Setup

What makes you tick? Can you work when plugged into your favourite tunes? Some people can, and some people can't. Personally, I find that i am much more productive when listening to my favourite tunes, so i decided to upgrade my favourite Sennheiser HD headphones to a set of Grado SR225's and they should be arriving tommorrow!I've taken the liberty instead of buying an expensive tube amplifier, of connecting my PC to my DENON PMA-1055R Amplifier and Technics equalizer as a sort of preamp. I should Read more [...]
June 14, 2004

New Flash / Director Integration Article

I have a new article posted on Sitepoint regarding Flash and Director Integration which can be found here. Here’s a quick overview…

There are times when Flash alone just doesn’t cut the mustard, and this is one of them! Integrating Director with Flash, Steve creates a program detection system to ensure users can use the files included in a distributed application.


June 1, 2004

What’s Happening in June 2004?

Well…hopefully as i close off yet more ongoing projects i’ll have more quality Fireworks time. Really its time to dot the ‘i”s and cross the ‘t”s on a whole bunch of FW stuff i have lying around cluttering my hard drive.

Time to finish them off and post them to the site