July 23, 2005

Flash Coders Mailing List

If you ever stcuk on a piece of Flash code, syntax or just a plain and simple ‘How do I do that?’, then add this to your favourites or sign up for the mailing list at the following URL… Priceless

FlashCoders Mailing List

July 23, 2005

Performance test with blur on Flash Player 8

Posting as I’m finding them, a nice performance test on the new Blur Filter!

Example on Protozoo

July 23, 2005

Flash Player 8 Filter Testing

Some pretty sweet posts inlcuding examples and FLAs for the capabilities of the New Flash Player 8 (can't wait to see the IDE for the new version fo Flash!) You will obviously need to download the public beta of Flash Player 8Main Story on ProtoZooMain FiltersDisplacementMapFilter:ColorMatrixFilter:ConvolutionFilter:GradientBevelFilter:GradientGlowFilter:BevelFilter:GlowFilter:BlurFilter:DropShadowFilter:BitmapFilter: Read more [...]
July 23, 2005

Upcoming Flash Player Capabilities

The next major release of Flash Player, code-named Maelstrom, has significant advances in graphical expressiveness, performance, increased fidelity of font rendering and video delivery, and other new functionality