July 17, 2019

Old Flash Articles on SitePoint

Before it gets lost in the sands of time, here are a bunch of articles I wrote back in 2004 in the heyday of Flash. This is more of a trip down memory lane…


July 17, 2019

Umbraco Nested Looper

A simple snippet for getting the information from a Multi Node Tree Picker in Umbraco 7.x+ @{ var typedMultiNodeTreePicker = item.GetPropertyValue<IEnumerable<IPublishedContent>>("seminarVenueList"); foreach (var seminar in typedMultiNodeTreePicker) { var itema = Umbraco.Content(seminar); <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("nodeName")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("Url")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("addressLine1")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("addressLine2")</p> Read more [...]