July 27, 2004

Phireworx and DevNet Resource Kit Volume 8

Well, whilst checking my emails from hols, I noticed that my new book Flash Anthology, has an excerpt chapter on the latest Macromedia DevNet CD (Vol 8).Not only that, but Super Guides v1.0 for Fireworks MX / MX 2004 is also available on the CD, as well as an isometric rectangle Auto Shape all from Phireworx!!! Read more [...]
July 16, 2004

Resources for Extending Fireworks-Part 2-Extensions

Right out of the box, Fireworks, no matter the version, is an extremely capable web graphics program. As each new version adds more and more features, the list of things that you're able to do with Fireworks grows and grows. Still, there are ways to make even a good software program better, and the same is true of Fireworks. If you're looking to add capabilities, make things easier by automating tasks, enhance your productivity or creativity, or delve into the inner workings of Fireworks, then you'll want to examine the many ways that the functions of Fireworks can be extended. Read more [...]
July 16, 2004

Image Edger PRO v1.0 Released

Image Edger PRO v1.0 has been released today. Read the information in the last blog entry (below), or click here to view more details.

Download the PDF User Guide and take a look at what this exciting new extension can achieve

July 15, 2004

Image Edger Pro

Due for release tomorrow is a commercial extension called Image Edger Pro, a batch utility with a difference; apart from the presets, here are the featuresImage Edger PRO is a utility for the batch processing of folders of images with a difference. In this version of Image Edger you can edge your images with a rounded rectangle of varied roundness, color and stroke width, as well as altering the canvas color. Couple that with the ability to apply the effect to whole folders of images and you have Read more [...]
July 13, 2004

Batch Resizer Percent v1.0.5 Released

Just released Batch Resizer Percent; a nifty tool for rapid batch resizing of folders of images.

You select the source image folder, the destination folder, file prefix (rs is default, stands for resize), and the percentage to resize the source image to and Batch Resizer Percent does the rest. Available from the usual place

July 10, 2004

Beta Version of Gallery Open

I’ve opened the gallery for submissions, and although in beta phase, it will readily accept your uploads.

I’ll be working on this over the next few days to get the thumbnail and auto-approval working!

Start your submissions!!!!

July 10, 2004

Book Section Added

I’ve added a book section to the website, to give a little information on my upcoming book which is due out very very shortly, you can access it via the book icon in the upper navigation, or by clicking here

July 9, 2004

A New Autoshape: Ribbon

Last week we introduced you to the Wave Auto Shape. This week we will introduce the Ribbon Auto Shape. As stated last week, these two Auto Shapes were created by Hiroshi Miyazawa, who works for Macromedia on the Fireworks QA team.

View here

July 9, 2004

[Article] A New Autoshape: Ribbon

Brian Edgin has written a new free tutorial over at Community MX, which includes one of the best free Auto Shapes I’ve seen in a long time; the Ribbon AutoShape.

Click here to view the article and download the new Auto Shape

July 2, 2004

Flash Interface Design Made Simple

Elegant interface design *is* achievable with Flash. You just need to know the basics, and be keen to experiment! Steve explains and applies the essentials as he creates a great interface in this step-by-step tutorial.

View here