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September 2004 - Phireworx
September 28, 2004

Since1968.com Review of Flash Anthology

Since1968.com has written a nice review of Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript, which can be viewed here >>

September 22, 2004

‘Cool and Practical Sound Effects’ tutorial

ActionScript.org have posted one of the sample chapers from Flash Anthology as an intermediate tutorial on their website.

Tutorial can be viewed here >>

September 22, 2004

Flash Anthology Book Review (dmxzone.com)

Ian Blackham (dmxzone.com) has written a nice review of Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript

View the Review >>

September 21, 2004

Phireworx Extension Sale Bonanza!

For a limited time (Offer Expires Jan 31st 2005), Phireworx is offering substantial discounts on products when purchased together.

Take advantage of this offer now and save up to 30%

September 10, 2004

The Ones That Got Away: Image Loader and Random Link Apps in Flash

Load images using Flash components. Create a Random Link of the Day display for your site. Steve's step-by-step tutorials explain all you need to know to complete both projects quickly and easily -- and extend them to meet your own requirements! Read more [...]
September 10, 2004

Fireworks Is Better Than Photoshop! Challenge #1

The very first response to my politically incorrect blog entry, entitled "Fireworks is better than Photoshop", turned out to be a good example. Not too complicated and not too easy, this example also turned out to be a good one for showing off some of the benefits of using Fireworks vs. Photoshop for web design. Read more [...]
September 6, 2004

Pixel Dissolver in Flash MX 2004 Professional

Following on from the Alpha Panel for Flash MX 2004, we harness the power of transitions in Flash MX 2004 Professional, applying them to Movie Clips for interesting effectsRead More about the Pixel Dissolver Panel for Flash MX 2004>>See Pixel Dissolver in Action >> Read more [...]
September 2, 2004

Flash’s Hidden Gems: The NumericStepper Component

Never heard of NumericStepper? Whether you need on-screen controls to alter dynamic feedback from effects you're building, or you want to allow users to select numerical data quickly through a form, it's time to meet Flash's NumericStepper component Read more [...]
September 2, 2004

New Article: Flash’s Hidden Gems: The NumericStepper Component

I’ve written a new article over at Sitepoint.com regarding the NumericStepper component for Flash MX 2004 and its hidden inner qualities.

The article can be located here >>

September 1, 2004

Did you know…

...We at Phireworx also do a range of panels for Flash MX 2004, including a nifty Alpha Fader, Dynamic Skewer and Dynamic Scaler to mention a few.View more information about the latest addition to the fold, the Comment Adder Panel for Flash MX 2004 >> Read more [...]