May 19, 2005

Flash Communication Server Best Practices

New at the Macromedia Developer Center, a best practice Breeze seminar for Flash Communication Server, which also stands well for developing AS 2.0 applications, including the following sections of interestExtending MovieClip versus extending ObjectHow to declare your variables Public/private variables Getters/setters Typing everything, ECMA typing weirdness Constructor Attaching UI components No extra listener objects! Your typical change/click handler Use public/private on your function declarations Read more [...]
May 12, 2005

New Flash Extension : Filler Text MX 2004 for Flash MX 2004

A new extension, this time focussing on delivering a little time saving within Flash MX 2004 allowing you to get on with the project in hand.Filler Text MX 2004 takes some of the pain and laborious nature of creating Flash compositions away, by giving you some handy options for creating filler text for your creations.Ideal whilst waiting for clients to provide final copy for a project, or creating placeholder text for your Flash projects, you have complete control over the following options Number Read more [...]