Wooden Business Cards – The Arrival

Well, the wooden business cards actually arrived today, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect based on the digital proofs, but they are actually better than I could have wished for! The guys over at Plasma Design (plasmadesign.co.uk), have done a truly awesome job, from the customer service, to the packaging and the final product.


The packaging was neat, protected, and made sure the finished product was going to be in tip-top shape when it arrived.

Wooden Business Cards Unboxing Step 1

The person who was responsible for the job even signed it (which is nice).

Wooden Business Cards | The Packaging

All the cards, were carefully slotted into place, ready for inspection.

Wooden Business Cards | Ready To Open

The Actual Wooden Business Cards

What you have to understand is the these beauties are made from solid wood, CO2 milled at 900 DPI, so even the finest detail actually appears in the final product.

Wooden Business Cards | Top View

If you look closely the level of detail is absolutely stunning, and the sheen off the wood, depth of cut makes for an amazing business card.

Wooden Business Cards | Side View

These beasts are thick, at 3mm thick, there’s only going to be room for a couple in my wallet at any one time. And because they are CO2 milled at super high temperatures, they have a lovely just barbecued smell about them (this fades after 3 weeks, but I rather like it!)

Wooden Business Cards | Close Up

And just to show, how the design is cut through the wood, here’s a light shot. Overall impressions are extremely good, and I can honestly say I’ve never receieved a wooden business card from anyone, so it should be interesting to see their first reactions!

Wooden Business Cards | Co2 Milled Cut Outs