Iata v1.0.1 for Adobe Fireworks CS3

‘IATA’ v1.0.1 is a Fireworks MX productivity set extension, and contains two productivity enhancing commands. These are Character Panel and Dynamic Guides.

Character Panel v1.0

Character Panel was designed to overcome a cumbersome problem when laying out text for designs and trying to include special characters such as the copyright symbol or trademark symbol. Whilst it is relatively easy to remember the keyboard shortcuts to a few of these special characters, when you are trying to remember 10 or more, it may get a little difficult, hence Character Panel was born.

Dynamic Guides v1.0.1

Dynamic Guides was created due to the fiddly nature of guides, and the difficulty of setting up maybe 50 horizontal or vertical guides at an exact pixel spacing.

The command is simple, and yet such a time saver, it would be rude not to give it the Phireworx treatment