February 12, 2005

New Interactive Walkthrough : Image Edger Pro

I’ve released a quick interactive demonstration of the main features of Image Edger Pro, just in case any of you guys have forgot what a cool batch processing command it is!

February 9, 2005

Phireworx Overhaul

I’ve been meaning to overhaul the site for about 2 years now, but luckily I’ve found a time slot to allow this to happen.
Lots of new features have been put on hold because the site strucutre didn’t allow for the content that I wanted to add
This is now your time to feedback what you would like to see from phireworx.com, both in site content, layout and future content
This is a resource for you guys, so get typing and lets see what we can do! read more

February 2, 2005

Developments at Phireworx

Well, its been a quiet couple of months after starting a new job and working all the hours that are sent, but there are a few things happening, both now and in the next two weeks. Here are a couple of highlights

Phireworx.com redesign
New Articles (Flash and Fireworks)
New Extensions (Flash and Fireworks)

Now, if there are no hiccups and no-one throws a spanner in the works, then the above points are happening, and I’m pretty excited!!! read more