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October 19, 2005

[ANN] Quickie Tutorial | Populating a ComboBox Component With Countries in Flash MX 2004 / Flash 8

A really simple Flash method for you, but one that will save you a lot of time when designing form based flash applications...the country combobox. Sounds simple, it is, but rather than painfully populating a combobox component with over a hundred different countries, use the dataprovider and a simple array instead and you have already saved yourself many minutes of typing in data. Read more [...]
April 30, 2005

Creating a Simple Button Effect Using the MC Tween Prototypes

Not so much a tutorial, as a mini technique with attached code. I added this recently to the Phireworx blog, but thought it would be a good idea to add it within the tutorial section so it doesn't get lost. Using the ubiquitous MC Tween prototype library which has been around and I've been using for a while (found here), I needed to create some quick buttons which had a funky sliding effect complete with alpha fading, so I thought I'd share it with you Read more [...]
September 2, 2004

Flash’s Hidden Gems: The NumericStepper Component

Never heard of NumericStepper? Whether you need on-screen controls to alter dynamic feedback from effects you're building, or you want to allow users to select numerical data quickly through a form, it's time to meet Flash's NumericStepper component Read more [...]
August 17, 2004

The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript – Chapter 3: Animation Effects

The fads of Internet design may come and go, but one thing that will never change is that the more dynamic you make your Flash creations, the more engaging they are to the user. This dynamism can be counterproductive under certain circumstances, especially when multiple effects battle for the user's attention, or the effects are too garish. Identifying the key to effective animation is like the search for the Holy Grail. What some users think is a cool effect, others find patently uninteresting—and vice versa. Never lose sight of the importance of striking a balance between the interface and the animations you're attempting to produce. Read more [...]
August 17, 2004

The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript – Chapter 5: Sound Effects

Sadly, sound within Flash projects is often included as an afterthought—if it's included at all. Hurried, last-minute sound additions typically amount to no more than a clichéd loop that serves little purpose. If you ever find yourself in the position of importing a sound clip into a project without a clear idea of why you're doing it, stop and repeat the Flash designers' mantra: bad use of sound can destroy the entire user experience. Read more [...]
July 2, 2004

Flash Interface Design Made Simple

Elegant interface design *is* achievable with Flash. You just need to know the basics, and be keen to experiment! Steve explains and applies the essentials as he creates a great interface in this step-by-step tutorial.

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June 24, 2004

Migrate ActionScript 1.0 to ActionScript 2.0 , Part 1: The Basics

ActionScript 2.0, introduced with Flash MX 2004, is the new object-oriented scripting language that has Flash developers in a spin. Climb aboard the AS 2.0 bandwagon as Steve explains its enhancements, and shows how you can migrate your old ActionScript code to AS2.0! Read more [...]
June 24, 2004

Integrate Flash MX 2004 and Director MX 2004

There are no two ways about it: Flash MX 2004 is a powerful development environment for creating fun and engaging applications. Yet, there comes a time when you may need a little more control of system-related functions such as being able to detect the operating system the user is using, launching external programs, detecting default file handling applications and controlling system windows -- especially when creating distributed applications. Read more [...]
October 30, 2003

Down and Dirty Flash Effects : Part I Scripted Motion Basics

When creating animations and effects within Flash, the easiest way to do it to the uninitiated is by complex tweening and multiple key frames which can take many hours of your time and can result in unrecoverable catastrophes when you make a mistake. Read more [...]
July 24, 2002

Building Functioning Flash Buttons With Fireworks Graphics

Thanks in large part to Live Effects, Fireworks makes beautiful buttons. Given its ability to export to SWF, a lot of people assume that they can create killer buttons in Fireworks for use in Flash. Unfortunately, the integration of the two programs doesn’t extend quite that far. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create buttons in Fireworks for use in Flash. It just means that you need to do a couple extra steps. Read more [...]