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July 17, 2019

Umbraco Nested Looper

A simple snippet for getting the information from a Multi Node Tree Picker in Umbraco 7.x+ @{ var typedMultiNodeTreePicker = item.GetPropertyValue<IEnumerable<IPublishedContent>>("seminarVenueList"); foreach (var seminar in typedMultiNodeTreePicker) { var itema = Umbraco.Content(seminar); <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("nodeName")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("Url")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("addressLine1")</p> <p>@seminar.GetPropertyValue("addressLine2")</p> Read more [...]
August 5, 2006

Best Practices in Naming Assets

With tight deadlines, many developers cut corners and fail
to come up with a system for naming files and assets. But whether your website
is large or small, it is important to be consistent with file naming. Devise
a set of file naming rules, and stick to these conventions throughout your
projects. If you are working with a team of designers and developers, make
sure everyone understands and agrees to the conventions. Read more [...]