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April 4, 2016

Responsive Landing Page with Marketo Integration

As a very varied part of my day job as a technical marketing consultant, there are many varied tasks that are required of me, to maximise conversions for landing page sign-ups and lead acquisition. To this end we decided to take the baseline landing page for free trial reigstrations and give it a facelift and introduce some interesting conversion increasing features. Here's the original landing page, a straightforward light landing page, with the minimum amount of form fields that were originally Read more [...]
May 24, 2015

Golden Oldies: Design Tips That Stand The Test Of Time – Almost

Many sites today, in addition to a liberal sprinkling of graphics in the banner and in the body, have graphic navigation systems. Navigation systems have become more elaborate, as sites have evolved from 6-page brochure-like entities to full-fledged multimedia sites with multiple web applications. Coinciding with the shift in online content is a shift in the metaphor used for designing web graphics. Less and less do we see ourselves designing “pages”; instead, we now find ourselves designing Read more [...]
May 24, 2015

Golden Oldies: Page Speed Tips from 2001

Both Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX share many similar interface elements and editing procedures. In addition, the integration between the graphics creation program and the HTML authoring program are so tight that it is easy to produce a seamless collaborative workflow for graphics creation, optimization, and delivery into your web pages. When designing images and graphical components for your site, bear in mind that every single image, from an advertisement to a spacer increases the length of Read more [...]
May 24, 2015

Golden Oldies: Fireworks MX as a Wireframer

One of the best, and most often overlooked, uses of Fireworks is to create whole page designs with it. Its always editable vector graphics make the trial and error so important to the creative process painless. You can move things around, resize them, or change their color if you don’t like them. You can create a design and multiple variations by simply copying and pasting objects. Because Fireworks designs don’t rest on HTML like Dreamweaver designs do, you can redo entire structures using drag Read more [...]
June 23, 2013

Old Adobe Fireworks Extensions That Never Made It To Production: Flubber & Reflection

I was trawling through some old archives the other day and stumbled across a couple of old extensions that we were working on that never made it to production to see the light of day. Flubber (Lite Edition) This was inspired by the film 'Flubber' from 1997 starring Robin Williams, and although a quirky idea, never got farther then pre-production prototypes.               Reflector (Lite Edition) An extension that made it to production, Read more [...]
May 7, 2013

Adobe Fireworks is Fired

Well, it's a sad day for Adobe Fireworks users, as Adobe have announcement no further product development of the product apart from bug fixes. While we are not planning further feature development for Fireworks, we will continue to sell Fireworks CS6 as well as make it available as part of the Creative Cloud. We will provide security updates as necessary and may provide bug fixes. We plan to update Fireworks to support the next major releases of both Mac OS X and Windows. As more specific details Read more [...]
August 17, 2004

Creating a Spiral Binding with the Ribbon Auto Shape

This week we will use this Auto Shape to create a great looking graphic of a spiral binding. This Auto Shape was created by Hiroshi Miyazawa, who works for Macromedia on the Fireworks QA team. Read more [...]
July 16, 2004

Resources for Extending Fireworks-Part 2-Extensions

Right out of the box, Fireworks, no matter the version, is an extremely capable web graphics program. As each new version adds more and more features, the list of things that you're able to do with Fireworks grows and grows. Still, there are ways to make even a good software program better, and the same is true of Fireworks. If you're looking to add capabilities, make things easier by automating tasks, enhance your productivity or creativity, or delve into the inner workings of Fireworks, then you'll want to examine the many ways that the functions of Fireworks can be extended. Read more [...]
July 9, 2004

A New Autoshape: Ribbon

Last week we introduced you to the Wave Auto Shape. This week we will introduce the Ribbon Auto Shape. As stated last week, these two Auto Shapes were created by Hiroshi Miyazawa, who works for Macromedia on the Fireworks QA team.

View here

May 27, 2004

Fireworks Essential Tips: Part 1

When creating interfaces elements that will eventually end up on show for public consumption consider each individual element within the design and ask yourself the following questions. Does the element play a functional part in the interface? Will the element work in the medium it is intended? If the element is an animation, video or auditory narrative, does it add to the overall aesthetics of the design? If you answered ‘No' to any of these three questions, revisit the element, and either improve it or ditch it, then ask yourself the same questions again. Read more [...]