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July 13, 2016

Marketo Form CSS – How To Remove and Override It

The Marketo Form CSS Problem As many marketing automation engineers will atest to, whilst Marketo is a great tool for streamlining the nurture, acqusition and remarketing cycles, there are some areas especially from a design perspective that leave a little to be desired. The mainstay of any landing page to capture potential lead information, be that linear or via , is a form for data capture. That's great if you're happy with the standard elements and CSS provided by Marketo, you may even have tried Read more [...]
April 4, 2016

Responsive Landing Page with Marketo Integration

As a very varied part of my day job as a technical marketing consultant, there are many varied tasks that are required of me, to maximise conversions for landing page sign-ups and lead acquisition. To this end we decided to take the baseline landing page for free trial reigstrations and give it a facelift and introduce some interesting conversion increasing features. Here's the original landing page, a straightforward light landing page, with the minimum amount of form fields that were originally Read more [...]