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January 25, 2008

Soft Glamour 2.0 for Adobe Fireworks CS3

Soft Glamour 2.0 is a non-destructive image effect, brought to you as a joint partnership between Phireworx and Aftershape Enhance image quality, giving the effect of using a camera with a soft focus filter applied. The effect is created on two separated bitmap images, leaving intact the original.               The "Soft Glamour" extension has to be intended as a photo retouching effect, and for that reason it can be applied only Read more [...]
July 29, 2002

Masking Effects in Fireworks MX

Create eye-catching collage effects with masking and layer-blending techniques. Italian artist Japi Honoo shares her trade secrets. In Fireworks MX, masking is used to create all sorts of useful and interesting visual effects. Any object—vector or bitmap—can be used to mask another. You can also design your own mask by starting with a clean slate and painting as you go with the many bitmap tools in Fireworks MX. With these masking and bitmap tools now more accessible than ever on the new Property Read more [...]