Macromedia Announces New Flash Video Kit

For all you Flash MX 2004 Professional users out there, Macromedia has added a new weapon in the arsenal for web video integration.

Via a Dreamweaver MX 2004 extension, the Flash Video Kit allows the easy addition of streaming / progressive video download

The good news is, for users who purchase and register online before September 30th 2004 will receive the video kit for free, for everyone else, the kit costs $49 and is available from here

The kit includes four components: a Flash Video extension for Dreamweaver; aspecial version of Sorenson Squeeze that converts common video file formatsinto Flash Video format (FLV); a free 15-day trial of Flash Video StreamingService powered by VitalStream that allows customers to harness all thepower of streaming Flash Video without the need to install and maintaintheir own servers; and an introductory guide to deploying video online.

The Flash Video Gallery Macromedia produced a few months ago, has received an update, and can be seen here as an insight into what can be accomplished with the use of integrated video techniques

Certainly sounds something to consider, take a further peek inside and see what it has to offer, I’ll certainly be doing that later today!