Using FOTO with Fireworks MX : Monochrome

In this tutorial, you will learn how to harness the power of one of the members of the new command set from Phireworx. Monochrome is a powerful command, and is one of five of the members of FOTO.

The “Monochrome” Command converts photographic images into CMYK duotone mode like images.It produces monochromatic RGB images simulating the CMYK duotone mode. The effect is created combining a default black ink to an user defined hue and is created on a separated layer, leaving intact the original image.

Before launching straight into the tutorial, if you haven’t yet purchased FOTO 1.0, now is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Setting up the Workspace

1 Open an image of your choice in Fireworks MX. It is preferable that the content of the image is either a portrait or other such photograph.
2 Select the Marquee tool from the Bitmap section of the Tools Panel.

Adding a Monochrome effect

1 From the Commands menu, select Aftershape > Monochrome. You should be presented with the interface shown below.Alter the hue to your suit your preferences, and select OK

1 Altering the hue can have a pleasing effect upon the eye, altering the hue selection on our base image produces a cool blue effect as shown below.

The Annabelle Make Over

Exploring the hidden users of Monchrome is useful, and can be done via experimenting with both the hue selector and the selections that you apply it to. What we try to do now, is to give Annabelle a virtual makeover. As you can see see doesn’t have any eye makeup or and her lips look pretty flat what we will do here, is to add some color and send her to the health farm for a long weekend.

1 Open an image in Fireworks MX
2 Select the Lasso tool in the Bitmap section of the Tools Panel
3 Start by selecting one of the areas of the eye above the eye and below the eyebrow
4 Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and draw additional selection marquees on the other eye and lips as shown below. Hold down Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) to subtract, if needed, from the selections.

5 Soften the edge of the pixel selection. Choose Select > Feather and enter a value ofbetween 5 to 10 pixels 
6 Select Commands > Aftershape > Monochrome

7 We have selected a blue hue in this example, but choose anything you wish.Select OK.

And we have our finished composition!! It may not be to everyones taste, so here are some examples of other version of Annabelle.


Monochrome is a useful command for creating duotone type images, or just altering the color of selected areas of your images. As always with Phireworx commands, experimentation is the key to harnessing their power.